Catherine Lane Author
Catherine Lane Author

Tread Lightly

Claire, fairy godmother level one plus, is one of the best operatives at the Fairy Godmother Council, but god-mothering in the twenty-first century isn’t all it used to be. The magic’s drying up; the girls are spoiled brats, and guardian angels poach the council’s best clients whenever they can.

When her boss assigns her a VIP case, Claire assumes it’s more of the same. But Frankie, her client, seems to be the deserving underdog of the olden days. And Tamiel, the guardian angel who pops onto the scene, swears she’s there to protect Frankie, not to steal her. It doesn’t hurt she’s smokin’ hot.

As the case starts to unravel, Claire is forced to examine her own prejudices and desires. Is she heading for certain ruin, or will she grab her happily ever after in this lesbian urban fantasy?

Release date: March 2017
Words: 36,000


“A fantasy story can be so much fun when it is written correctly. Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane falls into the written perfectly category. It’s a fun temporary escape into a magical thrilling world.”
– Brooklyn Goodrich, The Lesbian Review –

“An enchanting mysterious adventure that may challenge your beliefs, test conventional ideas, grow your world on the way to a better you.”
– Debra D. Ladiges –