Catherine Lane Author
Catherine Lane Author

The Gift

On Christmas morning, Paige finds a mysterious gift for her wife under the tree. The card says it’s from Paige, but she has no recollection of buying it. Even more curious—strange noises are coming from other rooms in the house. Opening this gift changes everything in this lesbian romance.

Release date: November 2014
Words: 7,000


” You will enjoy reading an engaging Christmas story told with the same attraction we love about stories told round the campfires. And, you too may find the best gifts are not always under the tree.”
– Debra D. Ladiges –

“The Gift is a perfect blend of creepy and funny. For anyone who has had kids, been in a relationship or experienced holiday stress, this story is for you. It’s not really a Christmas story but much more. Read it and enjoy it any time of the year.”
– Elizabeth Hayden –